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What is the Christian perspective on Goth? How should Christians view the Gothic movement?

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Question: "What is the Christian perspective on Goth? How should Christians view the Gothic movement?"

A Christian's viewpoint on the Gothic movement should be avoidance of the culture while loving those involved in it. Yes, there are definitely certain aspects of the Gothic subculture that are incompatible with Christianity, but no more so than similar aspects of mainstream society. The Gothic community identifies itself with artistic darkness—darker clothing, darker writing, darker music. It would seem that all Goths share the same level of devotion to this darkness. However, this varies with the individual. What is important to understand is that, for most Goths, it is a "dark" aesthetic they subscribe to, not darkness as it relates to evil. Wearing black clothing is not inherently sinful. Enjoying art that emphasizes black is not inherently sinful. There is nothing evil about the color black.

The Gothic subculture is no more inherently wicked or wrong than any other subculture. Condemnation of Gothic adherents is usually a knee-jerk reaction to their appearance. We need to be beyond that, though, for, like all of us, they are people who desperately need Christ in their lives. Can Goths come to faith in Christ and still involve themselves in a dark aesthetic? If they are glorifying Christ in what they do, possibly. We cannot impose our own spiritual maturity on them. Let the Christian Goth wrestle with his/her ideologies as God brings them out for scrutiny. What we can do is provide the Goth with support, counsel, and love.

Conforming to the image of Christ does not mean you must stop wearing black and dress like every other upper-middle class American / Western European. That has nothing to do with Christianity. It does mean, though, that a Goth’s mindset and attitudes will undergo a change, though the black clothes and attraction to darkness might remain to a certain extent. It is the heart that God searches (1 Chronicles 28:9), thus the heart is what we must first look at ourselves, whether it be among Goths, punks, gamers, jocks, etc.

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What is the Christian perspective on Goth? How should Christians view the Gothic movement?